I am a professional flute player, teacher and member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, with over 30 years experience who is available to give professional flute tuition in Basingstoke.

Having obtained a scholarship to music college and subsequently enjoyed an orchestral career, I now specialise in advanced students and pupils who wish to take their diplomas in teaching and performing having already taken their grade 8. I am able to teach the requirements for the dipABRSM, LRSM and FRSM diplomas, thus enabling my pupils to become qualified teachers and performers themselves.

Some of my pupils have won scholarships to study abroad and in the UK at the Music Conservatoires and have pursued professional careers, others have won scholarships to private schools or to play in the National Children’s Youth Orchestra.


I also give lessons to complete beginners and those wishing to take their grades 1-8 on any syllabus and am happy to teach children with special needs. I am also available to work on just technique or tone, if necessary, as I believe a truly beautiful sound is the most important asset a flute player can possess. Additionally I teach piano, keyboard, theory, recorder or aural. I have had experience of teaching in Spanish, Italian and very bad Chinese!


Fees payable half term in advance, usually every 6 weeks. 1st lesson available as a payable trial.

Grades 1–8
£19.00 30 mins
£38.00 60 mins
Grade 8+
£42.00 Grade 8+ 60 mins
£45.00 ARSM diploma+ 60 mins
£48.00 dipABRSM+ 60 mins
£50.00 LRSM+ 60 mins

Skype or Facetime lessons are also available on request.


Please fill in the following form and I will contact you shortly.